Client Testimonials

What My Clients Say

I previously secured Resume’ Services through another company and was disappointed in the results. During our first conversation, Jennifer and I discussed my resume and I initially secured the Resume’ Intensive option, however; my current position changed, and I wanted to move quickly.

Jennifer decided to take over and performed a complete Resume Rewrite and the finished product was beyond my wildest imagination. She pays attention to details and was sensitive to time frames. She listened to me about what I wanted, needed, and expected. She also upgraded my LinkedIn Account, which was needed.

Jennifer knows what the market requires. She invigorates people when going through the stress of a job search. I feel so much more confident getting back into the employment search after working with Jennifer.

I am 55 years old and my weakness was/is securing interviews. I’m sure that Jennifer has solved this problem. With Jennifer’s help, I’m confident I will have greater interview opportunities. Jennifer knows what it takes to impress an employer.

I plan on working with her in the future to get help me advance in my career. I should be in a senior position but I’m not because I couldn’t secure the necessary interviews and was forced to settle in lesser roles. This time I’m confident I won’t have to settle.

I have recommended friends, colleagues and anyone needing Professional Development and Leadership Consulting to Jennifer and I know that I am sending them to the right person.

Jennifer provided results beyond my expectations. By miles. She truly goes above and beyond. Her fee could have been double, and I would have felt as if I got a great deal.

Thank you again Jennifer!

T. SummersSenior Estimator

“In the past, I was uncertain that Professional Development would make a difference and truly help with my job search however, in working with Jennifer and securing her Resume’ Intensive Package, I’ve gained confidence in the strength of my resume’.
I really valued the personalized attention when developing my resume’ and focus on what I have to offer hiring companies.
Jennifer is supportive, possesses a friendly disposition and made herself available which are important qualities.
I absolutely recommend working with Jennifer. Her guidance and direction empowered me to be in control of my job search instead of being intimidated by the process.”

A. OgdenAnalyst

“Jennifer helped me in the area Professional Development. In the past, I had difficulty synthesizing content in my resume’ to be concise and represent myself well enough to warrant a second interview/conversation which sometimes led to self-doubt.

Jennifer immediately helped me narrow down my verbiage into concise formatting. The biggest take away was the Keyword Optimization and how the process works. I was not familiar with this process in the past. She also helped me understand the value of my past experiences and not just my current roles.

Jennifer is direct, extremely resourceful but more than anything, tremendously personable. I felt as if I could turn to her for any advice within in this realm.

If you’re looking for someone who is confident, effective and will get the job done right, Jennifer is the best resource you can secure.

I highly recommend working with Jennifer – she guarantees success because she invests in you and that leads to you investing in yourself!

Thank you, Jennifer! You are passionate and extremely resourceful and someone I greatly recommend to others!”

A. MahanHealthcare Consultant

“My main concern with hiring a Professional Consultant were results and ongoing cost. But, Jennifer was worth it because I got the jobs I wanted every single time!

She was able to highlight my skills and qualifications in a more effective way than I could accomplish on my own. Jennifer is very efficient, polite and highly knowledgeable. She took away the pressure of writing a strong resume on my own, was always responsive and made me look like a rock star!!

I would definitely recommend working with Jennifer. She is professional, friendly and intelligent.

I am an ongoing client and look forward to working with Jennifer again!!”

S. CantrellCustomer Service Agent

“I knew that the readability of my resume’ for senior level positions was not up to par where it should be. It did not clearly or accurately depict my experience and expertise, and to a hiring manager that would have not come across correctly and my resume’ would not be considered.

Jennifer was extremely helpful in breaking down each experience and even further to each achievement and helping me to understand how to highlight my achievements in a more meaningful way.
Jennifer was always accessible and provided positive support in reaching my goals through a perspective I may not have thought about myself.

My resume’ advisement was completed on Thursday, I applied for a job on Friday and was called for an interview on Monday.

I would absolutely recommend working with Jennifer on any project large or small! She is highly skilled and talented and able to customize the services and experience for what best meets your goals!”

H. BarnesHuman Resources Director

“I can speak as an ongoing client as I have secured Jennifer’s services in various capacities over the course of several years.

Jennifer gives honest feedback and guidance with a great sense of humor and the ability to make you feel as if you can do anything. She not only helps you develop a strategic approach, she also encourages you and provides ongoing support. Jennifer is supportive, professional and highly personable! Speaking with her is always like talking to a close friend.

With Jennifer’s guidance, I have successfully secured desired positions and been promoted. She is the BEST.”

A. SchachtClinical Healthcare Employee