Client Testimonials

What My Clients Say

“After several interviews, I was offered and will accept the almost perfect job. Thank you for your assistance; every hiring manager I have dealt with has absolutely loved your resume format. It was the LinkedIn account that brought my account to the attention of a former acquaintance of mine. Thank you again! I have referred you to a friend of mine’s nephew.”

D. StarSenior Network Engineer/FBI Retiree
E. Carlucci
With the support of Jennifer, I was able to achieve newfound confidence in my job search. Working with Jennifer has been transformative; I had an old, outdated resume that did not showcase my skills, work history, or the contribution that I could bring to a company. I felt disempowered after being a business owner for the past three years and not knowing where to start finding a new job.


E. CarlucciLife Coach / Administrative Professional
Erin Moore

“Jennifer truly is your tough-love cheerleader. I replaced the fluff with hard-hitting, stand-apart information. I feel much more accomplished!

I found so much clarity on crafting my resumé to highlight my accomplishments, not just my responsibilities. I found inner confidence to apply for higher-paying positions and was able to secure a fantastic job with a great company.


Erin MooreMarketing Manager
Haley Barnes

“I knew the readability for senior-level positions I was applying for was not up to par where it should be. It did not clearly or accurately depict my experience and expertise, so as a hiring manager, that would not have come across correctly, and the resume would have been passed by. Jennifer offers personalized service, is extremely knowledgeable, and provides perspectives I would not have thought of myself.


Haley BarnesHR Director, Healthcare
Will Berry

“The program you’ve put together is extremely valuable, but also comes at an excellent value for the participants (yeah, you could charge a helluva lot more, and it would still be well worth it).

Once I updated the resume and the LinkedIn profile with your template and the updated content, the interest and responses increased quickly and significantly. I know that my job search was much faster with more and better opportunities as a result of your involvement.


Will BerryIT Industry
A. Mahan

“In the past, I had difficulty synthesizing content in my resume’ to be concise and represent myself well enough to warrant a second interview/conversation, which sometimes led to self-doubt.

Jennifer immediately helped me narrow down my verbiage into concise formatting. The biggest takeaway was the Keyword Optimization and how the process works. She also helped me understand the value of my past experiences and not just my current roles. Direct, extremely resourceful, but more than anything, tremendously personable. I felt as if I could turn to her for any advice within this realm.


A. MahanHealthcare Consultant

“In the past, I believed I could do it on my own. As I progress in my career, I recognize I don’t know everything and see the value in hiring people with expertise. The video feedback allowed me to incorporate the powerful comments at my pace, the immense encouragement Jennifer provides, and the absolute belief in her clients’ success all led to amazing results. 

Thank you so much for all you do. You are truly an amazing force of positivity and encouragement that is very rare. I get lifted up and feel powerful after every encounter we have.”

W. VangrollProject Manager

“With Jennifer’s help, I was able to get a position with my dream company, Amazon.

I liked that I had support throughout the entire process of re-creating my resume, applying for positions, and interviewing. I was guided all the way through.

Jennifer went above and beyond my expectations. She geared my resume towards specific positions and answered questions I had about interviewing. She researched jobs with me, which helped me a ton and her knowledge and perspective were invaluable. I would not have secured my position dream job without her.”

L. DavisSales Manager

“I wasn’t convinced that hiring a career development consultant could help improve my resume. I didn’t see the value or benefit of what someone with actual skill could do. All that changed! Jennifer helped me flush out my accomplishments from my previous careers and update the format of my resume so it would be more attractive to hiring managers looking for my skill set and talent.

Jennifer is responsive, very knowledgeable, and excellent at strategy. Her willingness to learn more about what I do to help me write better resume bullet points that focus on my accomplishments. She helped me reframe my thinking about my skills and what I have to offer and uses advanced technology strategies and techniques to help your resume stand out. As a long-time entrepreneur, Jennifer helped me feel confident about what I had to offer an employer when seeking a new position.”

L. ShapiroMarketing/Communications Professional

“The most valuable aspect for me was the revision process and one-on-one communication, which gave me a better understanding of resumes and the job market.

Jennifer truly gave me the confidence to feel, “I can do anything.”

She is beyond professional, thoughtful, and helpful in the process of having a successful resume. I gained so many useful tips to get an interview using the great resume we created.

Professional, caring, and helpful – Jennifer is the best that I have worked with.”

K. HassanAdminstrative Professional

“I started in full ‘imposter syndrome’ mode – who am I to seek leadership development? Jennifer guided me through a great deal of change: critical conversations, painful change management, and uncertainty (my team’s and my own). Jen’s advisement, practical suggestions, and deep empathy for my situation led me through the “make or break” team change in Q12020. As a result, I have a high-performing team built on trust, collaboration, and (as appropriate) transparency. I received a tremendous amount of positive feedback about how I navigated changes – including the early days of the COVID-19 crisis – and I am certain that the outcome would have been different for myself and my team without Jen.


S. CampbellDirector, IT Industry

“Before working with Jennifer, I was having a low response to resumes I sent for positions that I was qualified for. After working with Jennifer, the opportunity has been limitless!

Her personal touch sets her above others. During a scheduled face-to-face consultation, she asked about my goals and aspirations to ensure I could achieve my vision. The follow-up was impeccable, and I felt very connected to the entire process.
Jennifer provided me with business planning advisement, ideas to get going, and encouragement that there is never a dream too big. Her no-nonsense approach made me stop and think…if not now, then when? If not me, then who?

Jennifer, thank you for inspiring me to grab my dream and make it real! I have a lot yet to learn, but your skillful advice and guidance are priceless.”

S. HeubnerVP, Dental Operations

“Hey, Jennifer! Another success story – I just accepted a position for Vice President Strategic Accounts! I did five interviews all over the phone, and everyone noted my resume as stellar! Thanks so very much. I recommended you to another colleague.

UPDATE: Hi Jennifer – I thought it would be good to update you. It was slightly over a year ago you and I worked together. I am happy to report I have been given a new role for the company as Senior Vice President, North America, almost one year from my joining date. This has been a great achievement. Thank you…you helped me craft a great picture of who I am, what I can bring to an organization, and my personal brand. They like my brand! Thanks so very much!!”


N. JusticeSenior Vice President

“I secured Resume Services through another company and was disappointed in the results.

Jennifer and I discussed my resume during our first conversation, and I initially secured the Resume Intensive option; however, my current position changed, and I wanted to move quickly. Jennifer decided to take over and perform a complete Resume Rewrite, and the finished product was beyond my wildest imagination. She paid attention to details and was sensitive to time frames. She listened to me about what I wanted, needed, and expected. She also upgraded my LinkedIn Account. I received results beyond my expectations by miles. She truly goes above and beyond.


T. SummersSenior Estimator

“In the past, I was uncertain that Professional Development would make a difference and truly help with my job search; however, in working with Jennifer, I’ve gained confidence in the strength of my resume.’

I really valued personalized attention when developing my resume’ and focused on what I have to offer hiring companies.

She’s supportive, possesses a friendly disposition, and made herself available, which are all important qualities.

The guidance and direction empowered me to be in control of my job search instead of being intimidated by the process.”

A. OgdenAnalyst

“My main concern with hiring a Professional Consultant were results and ongoing cost. Jennifer was worth it because I secured the jobs I wanted every single time!

She highlighted my skills and qualifications in a more effective way than I could accomplish independently. Efficient, polite, and highly knowledgeable, she took away the pressure of writing a strong resume on my own, was always responsive, and made me look like a rock star!!

I would definitely recommend working with Jennifer. She is professional, friendly, and intelligent.

I look forward to working with her again!!”

S. CantrellCustomer Service Agent

“I speak as an ongoing client as I have secured Jennifer’s services in various capacities over several years.

Honest feedback and guidance with a great sense of humor and the ability to make you feel like you can do anything, she not only helps you develop a strategic approach; she encourages you and provides high-level support. Jennifer is supportive, professional, and highly personable! Speaking with her is like speaking to a close (brilliant) friend.

With Jennifer’s guidance, I have successfully secured my desired positions and repeatedly been promoted. She is the BEST.”

A. SchachtClinical Healthcare Employee