Here’s what you should know

A Little About Our Founder

Just a small town Mid-Western girl raised on Ovaltine and hard work - and the “J” in J. Hocutt Group.

I wear a lot of hats:
Leadership Nerd.
The Fixer.
The Vanilla Ice of Consulting - “you got a problem, yo, I’ll solve it.”
CEO. Advisor. Wife. Mom.* (my fave)

I navigated a highly successful (but soul-crushing) career building multi-million dollar regions within corporate healthcare. Realizing that, other than a good concert or a spontaneous adventure with my people, helping others succeed topped my list of time well spent. It is my purpose.

So, I took my education (MBA), business experience, tough-love approach and built a business driven to help individuals and businesses achieve their goals. Without tears and sleepless nights.

Dream Weaver? Maybe I'll add that one to the list...

Here’s What You Should Know

A Little About J. Hocutt Group

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