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Fractional Leadership

Our Fractional Leadership Services offer you the opportunity to tap into top-level strategic expertise tailored to your specific needs, all on a part-time basis.

At J. Hocutt Group, we understand every business is unique and recognize the challenges you face in scaling your operations while balancing resources. Our Fractional Leadership Services provide a flexible and cost-effective solution, allowing you to access seasoned executives who work closely with your team to drive growth, optimize processes, and navigate complex business landscapes.

We believe everyone deserves access to high-level support, regardless of their company size or annual revenue. Our Fractional Leadership Services make it possible.

Unlock the full potential of your business with us!

Business Advisement

We see ourselves as more than just advisors; we’re your partners in success.

We collaborate with you to create a roadmap for growth, ensuring that your business not only survives but thrives in today’s competitive environment. Get a fresh perspective on your business challenges through honest and unbiased feedback. We help you see opportunities and address issues from a new angle.

We work with you to identify potential roadblocks and implement effective solutions, keeping your business on the path to success. Start confidently navigating the financial landscape while tackling the challenges head-on with our proactive problem-solving approach.

Your triumphs are our triumphs, and we’re dedicated to helping you achieve the results you desire. And deserve!

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Individual Consulting

We understand the dynamic challenges people face in today’s fast-paced and ever-evolving professional world. Our Independent Consulting services are designed to empower professionals to overcome career challenges, make informed decisions, and achieve sustainable success.

Our team brings a wealth of experience across various industries, ensuring you receive insights and strategies tailored to your specific needs. We prioritize your goals and objectives, working collaboratively to deliver solutions that align with your professional goals and drive tangible results.

With a track record of successful outcomes and satisfied clients, we have earned a reputation for delivering excellence. From resumes and gaining career clarity to turning that side hustle into a real business, we help you avoid the pitfalls and achieve success.

Looking to Level Up?

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Client Testimonials

What My Clients Say

“Jennifer truly is your tough-love cheerleader. I replaced the fluff with hard-hitting, stand-apart information. I feel much more accomplished!

I found so much clarity on crafting my resumé to highlight my accomplishments, not just my responsibilities. I found inner confidence to apply for higher-paying positions and was able to secure a fantastic job with a great company.


Erin Moore

Erin Moore

Marketing Manager

“I knew the readability for senior-level positions I was applying for was not up to par where it should be. It did not clearly or accurately depict my experience and expertise, so as a hiring manager, that would not have come across correctly, and the resume would have been passed by. Jennifer offers personalized service, is extremely knowledgeable, and provides perspectives I would not have thought of myself.


Haley Barnes

Haley Barnes

HR Director, Healthcare

“The program you’ve put together is extremely valuable, but also comes at an excellent value for the participants (yeah, you could charge a helluva lot more, and it would still be well worth it).

Once I updated the resume and the LinkedIn profile with your template and the updated content, the interest and responses increased quickly and significantly. I know that my job search was much faster with more and better opportunities as a result of your involvement.


Will Berry

Will Berry

IT Industry
Get off the Struggle Bus for good!

Helpful Resources

NOVA Business Review: J. Hocutt Group, LLC
NOVA Business Review: J. Hocutt Group, LLC

In her 15 years as an Operations Leader for various health care companies and organizations, Jennifer developed a gift for seeing the “angel inside” her team members, many of whom would come to her for advice on how to succeed in their current positions and progress in their career path to the places they wanted to be. Yvonne Herbst To…

Video: 5 Star Client Review
Video: 5 Star Client Review

Another success story! This client received two telephone interviews within ONE week of securing my Professional Development Services and was offered her “dream job” a week later! I have a 100% Success Rate. And that trend continues as clients secure an interview within 30-60 days of working with me.

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Blog Post: View From The Middle

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