Services + Programs

It’s Time to Amplify and Accelerate Your Success through Action

Fractional COO Services

Interim Executive Operational Leadership Services
  • Professional leadership focusing on processes and people to increase profits
  • Fresh and innovative strategies to super-charge your business or start-up
  • Customized services to fit your business and achieve your goals; everything you need, nothing you don't
  • We focus on employee engagement, operational efficiency and optimization while you focus on the vision and long-term goals
$250 per hour
3-Month Initial Engagement Required
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Business Advisory Services

Expert advisement and continuous support
  • Strategic partner aiding in developing and executing business goals
  • Develop strategies to navigate economic uncertainties and industry changes
  • Create a roadmap for growth and long-term success
  • Gain an unbiased and objective viewpoint on your business challenges and identify opportunities
  • Acquire new skills and knowledge to adapt to the evolving business landscape
$350 per hour
Monthly Retainer Fee Structure
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Career Consulting Services

Expert advisement for career challenges
  • Experts in helping ambitious people achieve their goals
  • Highly supportive and motivational approach: get the answers you need without the “fluff”
  • Identify components representing experience-based assets and develop a strategy toward the future
  • Learn how to take control of your career, successfully navigate tough times, and stay calm in the spotlight
$175 per hour
45-Minute Consultation

Take Action & Take Back Your Power

Identify the root cause issues and take the right actions for faster results
Highly-focused, winning strategies with support to see them through
Step-by-Action process and guidance; methodic approach to securing success
High-level support and a team of success partners who will stop at nothing to see you win
Increased confidence leads to increased opportunities
Gain clarity and direction through honest support and feedback
Endless amounts of motivation and accountability
Access to a like-minded community and network of highly ambitious people