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It’s Time to Amplify and Accelerate Your Success through Action

Fractional COO Services

Executive operational leadership services available as needed
  • Professional leadership focusing on processes and people to increase profits
  • Fresh and innovative strategies to super-charge your business or start-up.
  • Customized services to fit your business and goals. Everything you need, nothing you don't.
  • Our focus on employee engagement, operational efficiency and optimization leads to profitability while you focus on the vision and long-term goals
Project-based pricing; Call to learn more
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Individual Consulting Services

Expert advice and advisement for “one off” challenges
  • Experts in helping successful people and organizations reach their goals
  • Highly supportive and motivational approach: get the answers you need without the “fluff”
  • Identify components representing experience-based assets and develop a strategy toward the future
  • Learn how to lead with integrity, successfully navigate tough times, and stay calm in the spotlight
45-Minute Consultation; packages available
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Career Strategy Program™

The blueprint to designing your best career story
  • Transformational 8-week program: become the CEO of your career
  • Goal-Management approach ensuring your career continues on a progressive path long into the future
  • Weekly: topic-focused video, support files and timely check-in's to keep you motivated and in action
  • Personal Success Partner: strategy + inspiration + accountability = success
Payment Plan Option Available

Executive Resume Intensive

Transform your resume from outdated to outstanding
  • High-level 1:1 Support: video recorded intensive call going top to bottom through your resume
  • Step-by-Action approach through the resume-writing process
  • Direct communication: unlimited email, private Slack channel and video resume review
  • Personal Success Partner: weekly progress check-in + support documents + LinkedIn advisement = ultimate results
Payment Plan Option Available
What I Use

Tools for Success

Acuity Scheduling

Provide a calendar link to your Network and keep track of appointments with ease. Not to mention, look super professional.

Full Focus Planner

Level up your strategy. Instead of doing “all the things” take action towards what will get you results and to success faster.


Eliminate the endless search through a library of notebooks. Physically write + be digitally organized = JOB SEARCH WIN!


Organize your Career and Personal life with ONE tool. Add time back to your life through efficiency and “on the go” access.

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