Here’s the skinny:

1. Grew Up in Northeast Ohio, USA

A small-town Midwestern girl raised on hard work and Ovaltine (malted milk every morning!). I left my hometown decades ago, but I took integrity and high standards with me.

2. A Cleveland Browns Fan

And no, I’m not ashamed of it! Being a life-long fan of a team that has struggled since the dawn of time speaks to my resilience and unwavering loyalty. Although, this is totally OUR YEAR so watch out! We are coming for you.

3. A Recovering Perfectionist

I say “recovering” because although I realize perfectionism is unachievable, I still strive for it. This has been a blessing and curse. An attribute that makes you a high-performer but can be incredibly tormenting.

4. Expertise From Experience

What I’ve learned over nearly two decades is applicable to any industry and position. I’ve worked with individuals, small independent companies, and major organizations. I have successfully grown multi-million-dollar revenue-generating regions while leading teams and individuals to professional success. I’ve left people and organizations in better positions than I’ve found them and that’s been my greatest professional accomplishment.

5. Titles Don’t Define Me

Earning an MBA in Organizational Leadership provided me the opportunity to gain expert knowledge through front-line exposure while holding positions ranging from Middle Management to Senior Leadership. Some people are driven by titles. I’m a Mom. That’s been my life’s greatest role. Titles have never driven me. The work and the impact drive me.

6. Tough Love + Accountability

Action is the backbone to success in the work I do. Clients need to take action – little by little, step by consistent step. I have successfully advised, mentored, and motivated people towards achieving their goals. I’ve been called the “Motivational Butt-Kicker”. Through a combination of tough love and ultimate cheerleader, I help clients move their dreams to goals and their goals to reality. The success of my clients is my greatest reward and I stop at nothing to ensure we achieve it!

7. Lead with Value

My goal in every conversation, interaction, or meeting is to add value. I believe in giving 3x worth of value before making a request.

8. Collect People

Not in a creepy bone-collector way! What I mean is that I value connection and keep in touch. My tribe includes childhood friends people I met yesterday and everyone in between. I’m incredibly lucky to have amazing people in my corner- they have been characters in the most important chapters of my life. My clients are no exception.

9. Love True Crime + Hallmark Movies

Slaying or Sleighing – I have no idea what this says about my personality and frankly, I’m probably better off not exploring the psychology of it.

10. Small but Mighty

Don’t let the 5’2″ stature fool you – I pack a punch! I’ve weathered career tsunamis: toxic work environments, abusive leadership, backstabbing colleagues, desperate job searches, and stress-induced medical conditions (that was the breaking point). I’m still standing. I made it to the “other side” and now I help clients and organizations chart a better course so they too can achieve the #1 goal in life: HAPPINESS. Are you with me?

Let’s do this!