Career Development

Do you find yourself stuck in the “daily grind” and don’t know where to turn to get out of it?

Have you been in the same role for far too long or desire to move into a leadership position but lack the tools/support to take the next steps towards advancement?

Has your job search been unsuccessful?

Are you a leader (or aspiring leader) that needs to fill the leadership gap to grow and create highly productive teams effectively?

You’re speaking my language! I’ve “been there, done that,” and I was wildly successful at navigating a lucrative career. But doing it on my own brought a ton of challenges, struggles, and failures. It was brutal.

If I had an expert to help me navigate through the trials and tribulations, encourage and empower me, and develop a strategy for success, I would have been even more successful!

If you’re “going it alone,” – you don’t have to anymore. You weren’t meant to anyway. I’m here for you!

Individualized consulting begins with assessing the need to identify the area(s) of focus, development of measurable goals, and post-implementation follow-up. The advantage of individualized consulting is the ability to deep dive into opportunities and customize a plan of action by working one on one.

Success is uniquely defined by each person. The road map to getting there should be too!

Frequent areas of focus are:

  • Resume’ Writing
  • Time Management
  • Interviewing Techniques
  • Career Advisement/Strategy
  • Communication
  • Personality Profile
  • Change Management
  • Leadership Engagement

Change your narrative from “Dreamer” to “Doer”.

-Jennifer Hocutt