Jennifer Hocutt

Here is what I bring to the table:


A small-town Midwestern girl raised on hard work and Ovaltine. I may have left my hometown years ago, but I took with me integrity and high standards. My true happiness comes from helping others. My goal is: “to rescue clients from Professional Isolation”. Put simply, I come alongside people, so they don’t go the distance alone while creating a stepping-stone on their path to greatness!


I have successfully advised, mentored and motivated people towards achieving their goals. I’ve been called the “Motivational Butt-Kicker”. Through a combination of tough love and ultimate cheerleader, I help clients move their dreams to goals and their goals to reality. The success of my clients is my greatest reward and I stop at nothing to ensure we achieve it!


What I’ve learned over nearly two decades is applicable to any industry and position. I’ve worked with individuals, small independent companies and major organizations. I have successfully grown multi-million dollar revenue generating regions while leading teams and individuals to profressional success.  I’ve left people and organizations in better positions than I’ve found them and that’s been an honor.

Education & Titles

Earning an MBA in Organizational Leadership provided me the opportunity to gain expert knowledge through front line exposure while holding positions ranging from Middle Management to Senior Leadership. Some people are driven by titles. I’m a Mom. That’s been my life’s greatest role. Titles have never driven me. The work and the impact drive me.

Let’s do this!

Client Testimonials

What My Clients Say

“I started my engagement with Jennifer in full ‘imposter syndrome’ mode – who am I to seek leadership development? Jennifer guided me through a great deal of change: critical conversations, painful change management, and uncertainty (my team’s and my own). Jen’s advisement, practical suggestions, and deep empathy for my situation led me through the “make or break” team change in Q12020. As a result, I have a high performing team built on trust, collaboration, and (as appropriate) transparency. I received a tremendous amount of positive feedback about how I navigated changes – including the early days of the COVID-19 crisis – and I am certain that the outcome would have been different for myself and my team without Jen.

From “go,” I felt a connection with Jen, and this connection made a world of difference in our sessions. It was evident to me from the start that Jen went out of her way to get to know me as a person and a leader and tailored her approach and the tenor of our sessions to fit my personality, my specific challenges, and desired outcomes. The experience was highly customized, and she did it so well I didn’t fully realize she’d done that until the end.

Would I recommend Jennifer? A million times yes!! Jennifer is truly motivated to help people and I believe deeply that she would find a way to do that no matter her path in life. It so happens her path, experience, expertise, and passion have led her to consulting. Jennifer is a tremendous advisor and through her guidance empowers you to think beyond your current horizon, gives you tools to solve problems, and helps propel you.”

S. Campbell

Management, IT Industry

“As a result, in working with Jennifer, I found so much clarity on how to craft my resumé to highlight my accomplishments, not just my responsibilities. I have discovered newfound inner confidence.

I would absolutely recommend Jennifer! I came into the resumé writing process with little confidence and clarity on what I was qualified to do. Jennifer truly is your tough-love cheerleader. She was able to provide honesty, constructive criticism, and replaced the “fluff” in my resumé with hard-hitting, stand-apart information. I left my session feeling so much more accomplished and confident in my skillset.

Thank you, Jennifer, I am so grateful I got to work with you and will continue to recommend you to my friends and family.”

E. Moore

Freelance Marketing

“Before working with Jennifer, I was having a low response to resumes I sent for positions that I was qualified for. After working with Jennifer, the opportunity has been limitless!

Jennifer provides a personal touch that sets her above others. She scheduled a face to face consultation and asked about my goals and aspirations to ensure I was able to achieve my vision. Jennifer’s follow up was impeccable, and I felt very connected to the entire process.
Jennifer provided me business planning advisement, ideas to get going, and encouragement that there is never a dream too big.

Jennifer’s no-nonsense approach made me stop and think…if not now, then when? If not me, then who?
Jennifer, thank you for inspiring me to grab my dream and make it real! I have a lot yet to learn, but your skillful advice and guidance are priceless.”

S. Heubner

VP, Dental Operations